Live chem-cleaning

Individual live-technique for opening / cleaning the sky:

If you see chemtrails in the sky:

•- intense focus your attention and your eyes on the chem.-lines
•-moved strongly by your own desire to dissolve the "chemical cloud" keep the mental image of the clear blue sky emitting a replacement of the “real” image you see in the sky (with chem.- lines)
•- seek the support of the sun to strengthen and enforce the will for the prevalence of natural Blue Sky (even if not visible, the sun is always there behind the physical or the artificial clouds...)
•-Feel that this is already happening. Belive in it.
•-Ask the spirits of water, fire, earth air and aether to work and translate the chemistry that hovers in the air in their safe, natural primary form
•-Depending on the stability of the intention you emitted, you will soon see the lines disappear. Blue sky and sun are there.
•-Ask the forces of nature to maintain in the sky its natural blue crystal clear purity
•-Ask the "spirit" of the elements to work in the same way, every time chemistry hovers and threatens the sky or the earth and its creatures, even when you're not "present" (Alternatively, you may invoke the aid of any other light power you are familiar with: for example, angels, saints, etc.)

Coordinated-live deal with chemtrails:

•-Apply the same technique as in individual live-technique, after you have coordinated with the friend or friends, or members of a group,( which we know were they are situated -in Greece or abroad) to form an "energy bridge". We imagine faithfull that SO IT IS: that we keep the cancellation of chemtrails and the cleaning of the sky at a size that starts at the track we stay to the point our friend is. The “open clear window” grows in the sky. The window of clear sky grows more and more until there is BLUE SKY anywhere in the world.

Actual results are immediately visible as your intention is turned to heaven. For a while you will note that some chemtrails come back as you turn your attention elsewhere and stop dealing with the cleaning. However from one point and then, it will become permanent as result.


• The use of individual and/or team efforts of live-cleaning will strengthen your faith in the actual results your can have with your own spiritual powers, making you immune to chemical spraying action at any level (physical, mentally etc). Seeing the results in "actual" the doubts you might have had are gone.
• The collective vision (Team work of BLUE SKY visualisation technique) works on a more subtle level, putting in some way the colors in the table which will form the new reality in the sky. The results come into operation from the moment you first tune, but it will take some time to see it as a permanent effect around us. Within a reasonable time the image of the new reality will be engraved in indelible colors. And the blue skies will be the only reality we know. After that we will no longer have it necessary to coordinate, not for this purpose at least. ..
• A "core" of this group, let’s say we that first start with it, have to keep the team appointments of coordination every Sunday, to keep and strengthen the power of action of this BLUE SKY reality.
• It is also good that every one of us stops for a moment every night at 10 to dedicate a positive thought in this teamwork and BLUE SKY reallity. Repeating for example, mentally the phrase "so it IS" and imagine clear blue skies.

Our goal beyond our first group, is to disseminate these techniques and create many more autonomous "blue skies” groups around the world, working for the same purpose, bringing the necessary energy for this common desired reality. The more we are, as often tune together and as greater our faith in it is, the faster we will be implemented, because the necessary amount of energy –for this reality of BLUE SKIES- will quickly be gathered.