Blue Skies

The blue skies return!

First coordination: Sunday, October 10, 2010 at 10 pm (your country time)

Dear Friends,

I inform you all about the beginning of the conscientious coordination group "Blue Skies", which aims to apply methods of change spiritually the reality on the issue of chemical spraying. Essentially replacing the "present reality" with natural, clear blue skies.

The method is certainly known to many of you either through the "critical number of people of the square root of 1%, or a change of reality that affects us individually, through the replacement of our "inappropriate beliefs to fruitful and positive sides that are supporting us to make the reality that we truly want.

Anyway, surely you've heard that what we fear or that what we believe, is very possible to come true, to happen. Fear is essentially a dynamic energy that acts and forms our reality for centuries, since it is a controlled and manipulative conscious force/energy and so far this was that maked the reality we see around us-which admittedly is not the desired one...

This group (BLUE SKIES) will do exactly the opposite:
• through firm faith and strong belief of every one of us, we will make the reality we want- in this case BLUE CLEAN SKIES "and
• By coordinating our same idea-vibration-image and the group dynamic will aply an increased energy to bring this reality. It is not a simple aggregation of our individual actions, but it has an exponential rising momentum (geometrical)
• So we paint / build our own reality and from a point on
• it is the reality of all humankind on Earth
Therefore with unwavering faith, determination and confidence that this is already the reality we send our intention, in the direction of the dominance of Clear Blue Skies.

After several years in research of this phenomenon I think and I've seen in practice, that the most effective and powerful way to change this situation is the conscious mental-addressing-and not as a "reaction" or " war "opposition, but as playful co-creative decision. I say "playfull" to make clear that we hold an emotional state of non-attachment, like the carelessness and innocence of children, without anger or other negative emotions we play in groups and we design with our imaginative colors and graphics this realities.

Experience and reality showed that citizen movements are limited to information of other fellow citizens, but are weak to bring about a substantial effect: stop spraying. This is happening at a reasonable level of consciousness and through actions that seem "odd" for the everyday sense.

In fact motivated by "fear"feelings we are dealing with the issue of global spraying in a dynamic, which wants to "hit the phenomenon" but actually it strengthens it by the giving away of our attention and our energy in this (horrible reality –“we are attacked”).

This dynamic tool is therefore the active concentration of our forces to the desired final goal as if it already have happened and this froms a position of strength and confidence. Simply because this is what we want for the good of all and so it will be.

Those who are familiar with visualization techniques need not to be reminded for the creative power of our imagination. That is why we will use mental images wich shows exactly the desired effect. Those first try something like that have to be sure that they will be very soon themselves very comfortable to visualize images, in principle they should work "wordly" - ie to build a mental picture with words and although they are by now not able to see clearly with their spiritual eyes, (their "creative imagination") (Sound and "light" are forms of mental images, are frequency-vibrations of energy, so do not worry about the application, they are same strong, reliable and effective.)


Here I give some simple advices of relaxation and concentration. Those who already use some other method are free to use their alternative method.

Sunday, October 10, 2010 at 10 pm
1. Sit somewhere quiet and comfortable, where you will be not disturbed for at least 10 minutes (up to half an hour if you want)
2. Take 3 deep breaths and exhale loudly from the mouth to get rid of whatever occupies our minds at the moment
3. We turn your attention to the rhythm of our breath and relax
4. Close your eyes and gather your strength following mentally the outline, the boundaries of the physical body, starting with our feet and mentally follow the entire body-line until the head


(Here you can also use your usual method- if you use to apply an another form of "shield")
1. Then turn your attention to the energy center of our heart (in the middle of the chest) and imagine that the energy gets stronger with every breath you take, emitting a soft golden light with green and pink reflections (do not worry if you do not “see” the colors at the beginning- just feel that way –belive the colors and the light ARE there). Stay here with your attention to the heart for about three breaths.
2. Imagine then that the ball of light to grows and embrace your whole body
3. The light ball is Almighty - no negative energy can invade you. Anything negative is illuminated and transformed, only by approaching you.

BLUE Skies
(From this point begins actually our common teamwork)

• WE mentally declare that we are committed to work for the highest good of all while respecting the law of harmlessness

1. The day is sunny. We imagine that we are in the country with our team members. Full of joy we are sitting in a circle on the green grass. We look at the people around us. (Here it helps to know each other names and place/town where he/she lives to feel a point of reference- We welcome every member of the group.)
2. We keep each other's hand in a chain. We feel a strong energy that flows like a river and pass through our hands and unite us
3. We focus our attention on the sky, let your eyes be filled by the vastness of the sky which embrace all of us
4. We feel / see that a golden light shimmering ray is coming out from our heart and joins the other heart-light rays of the team-members forming an "umbrella" of rays of light over our heads
5. At the point where our heart- light rays are united emerges an intense golden light beam and turns up to the sky like a spotlight. The golden light illuminates the sky with golden tinny-powerful particles
6. The sky gets a vivid blue color with sparsely adorned white clouds. We live for awhile in this picture. Fill our soul by the "elixir" of blue sky and let a warm feeling envelop in us.
7. The golden light sent into the sky stretches autonom and forms a golden grid that extends and embraces the whole Earth.
8. With cheerful, playful feelings we embrace each other and enjoy Mother Earth and Father Sky under the warm energizing sunlight. (Stay here a little)
9. We say goodbye to the friends of our group and we are delighted to meet together again the next time here to the countryside under the blue sky ...

Here we have completed our coordination and gradual return to everyday life. Open your eyes, look around our own environment, touch our face and take a deep breath.
Allow for some time the certainty of the strength of our team “scroll” through us…

This technique will be applied once a week: every Sunday at 10. afternoon (your local time). I think after about 12 meetings we will have achieved remarkable and significant results. …

Our goal beyond our first group, is to disseminate these techniques and create many more autonomous "blue skies” groups around the world, working for the same purpose, bringing the necessary energy for this common desired reality. The more we are, as often tune together and as greater our faith in it is, the faster we will be implemented, because the necessary amount of energy –for this reality of BLUE SKIES- will quickly be gathered. 

We also can use the same method to change all other issues and transform the global reality.

For this purpose, this instructions are translated in German and English. If a  team member want's she/he can of course make translations to other languages also.

You can now spread the Link of our group in facebook, where everyone can be informed about BLUE SKIES REALITY and the link of this page!

So we start!

With deep respect for the earth and the sky that unites us.